The community is centered around its pastoral beauty and stillness that accompanies the quintessential small, rural town.

Welcome to Bailey

A quiet, pastoral community in the foothills of the Southern Rocky Mountains 

Bailey is not a city or town, but an unincorporated community 30 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado. What started as a ranch built by William Bailey in the 1860s, has become the home of over 8,000 residents. Located in the foothills of the Southern Rocky Mountains, Bailey enjoys the views that come with being nestled right in the majestic, wooded slopes of the mountains. The community is centered around its pastoral beauty and stillness that accompanies the quintessential small, rural town. The homes in Bailey match the rural feel of the community, as they’re typically cottage-style houses or farm homes dropped in the middle of a ranch.

The community of Bailey experiences a large range of weather. In the summers, the weather typically sits in the high 70s to the low 80s, and the winters can be cold with an average temperature in the teens. However, whatever the weather, this community has a myriad of ways to connect with nature in every season — from trailheads to rivers.

What to Love

  • Idyllic community in the foothills of the Southern Rocky Mountains
  • Views of the majestic, wooded mountains and canyons
  • Changing weather with changing seasons
  • Ways to connect to nature at every turn

Local Lifestyle

Bailey is located right off U.S. Highway 285. While many might consider the community a quick stop on their way to Colorado’s metropolitan cities, Bailey has so much to offer its residents and those who stop to see its beauty. Residents have access to the serene Bailey Canyon where people can be found mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, or taking a stroll through the park’s trails. The community of Bailey emphasizes the importance of enjoying the outdoors and connecting to mother nature. Whether you’re taking a stroll down a nearby canyon or enjoying the stars without the light and air pollution of a big city, you’ll understand why the residents of this community call Bailey home.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The Cutthroat Cafe is known as a great breakfast place. While Oliver’s Riverbend Bistro will make any evening dinner out one to remember. And Bailey’s Courtyard Cafe is the perfect stop for lunch.

You can head down to Knotty Pine for a classic ice cream treat. You can choose from a hot fudge sundae, a banana split, an ice cream cone, or a root beer float. The simplicity of the dessert menu makes it an easy choice. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy the tried-and-true traditional classics Knotty Pine serves.

Things to Do

Every summer, Bailey holds the Bailey Day Street Festival to celebrate the community’s heritage. The festival offers its residents family fun with two days full of carnival games, food, and live entertainment. The Bailey Day street festival is a true community event, as it sources its vendors, sponsors, and volunteers from the local area.

The community of Bailey also holds the Bailey HUNDO every year. The Bailey HUNDO is a 100-mile mountain bike competition that raises money for new recreational trails and youth cycling initiatives in Colorado. The HUNDO runs through Bailey and the surrounding area. The riders in the race have the option of staying in Bailey’s accommodations surrounded by wildflowers and thick, lush grass before the race.


Bailey has school options for children grades K-12 right in the community.

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